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What is your story?

Behind every great brand is a great story…and TFG have been fortunate to work with many individuals and brewing companies whose stories began with a passion for great beer and a commitment to share it with the world.

TFG started our brewing mechanical installation journey at Matilda Bay back in 1995, then onto The Swan Brewery, and in early 2000’s, Little Creatures in Fremantle and Geelong. The culture and vibe installing at these iconic establishments is aligned with TFG’s passion for developing relationships and working with others who truly show care in their organisations and value their people.

TFG has worked with some well respected and recognisable brands in the brewing industry over the past 25 years. We ventured across the Tasman to Boags Brewery in Launceston and back to the mainland to mechanically install Bluetongue Brewery in Newcastle.

TFG has forged strong relationships with Lion and Coopers and completed major upgrades at their respective breweries in the last 15 years. More recently we have been excited to install several breweries in the Craft Brewing industry and have enjoyed the independent journeys of Pirate Life, Balter Brewery and BrewDog.

In October, Justin and Tom were invited and honoured to be speakers at the ASSDA PacRim Stainless Conference on the Gold Coast and presented TFG’s history of mechanically installing breweries within Australia. It was apparently very humourous, informative and of course a little beer was involved!

We are super proud of our collective wealth of knowledge and our expertise in brewery installations and look forward to being part of many more stories and journeys. Sharing both our challenges and triumphs is real and all part of the narrative that weaves our lives and stories together.

We are ever grateful for our TFG team who are based in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane and value all who contribute to our own story and to consistently building things that matter.

Next time you are enjoying a cold beer, imagine all the stories that have been “mashed” together to make it real.

What is your story to share?

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Hello Brisbane

TFG Group is always seeking new opportunities.

With plenty of blue sky in Brisbane TFG is excited to be represented in Queensland @ our new premise in Yatala Unit 1/15 Commerce Circuit with Paul Armstrong and team ready to provide superior efficiencies in mechanical installations …….

TFG is excited to be expanding into Queensland and servicing the Food and Beverage sectors. Watch this space for more information from Sunny Brisbane. Open for business, call in and say hi to Paul and the team.





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It’s a Pirates Life

Why are Pirates called Pirates?…Because they just ARRRRRRRR!!!!

TFG Group is really excited to be the lead mechanical installation company at Pirate Life’s new Brewery in Port Adelaide. The team are looking forward to kicking off this project in early August.

Check out our Brewing Capabilities @ http://www.tfggroup.com.au/foodline/capabilities/

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Case Study – Lubricant Plant Expansion – Fuchs Lubricants




YEAR: 2016-2017



Foodline Projects proudly completed the Greenfield mechanical installation expansion for Fuchs Lubricants in Beresfield, New South Wales. The 12-month installation project included nine kilometres of 304 stainless steel sanitary grade tube, one kilometre of stainless steel pipe, multiple tanks and the specialised fabrication of a blending platform and pipe racks to move specialised oils around the 25,000 metered squared factory.


After receiving the process design and P&ID’s from Fuchs, Foodline mechanically designed and installed the pipe routes and pipe racks which increased production capacity from 30 to 90 million litres. Foodline was integral in the success of the project through designing and incorporating 3D models of the pipe routes and racks which improved efficiency within the facility. Foodline also completed the piping and installation to the unique loading arm, which was aptly nicknamed “Optimus Prime”.


Austline Fabrication’s engineering team designed and completed 3D drawings of the 35-tonne blending platform and pipe racks, which were fabricated in Austline’s workshop and then installed onsite at the plant. The racks were designed with 40 percent extra capacity for future expansion in mind and the platform which is over 40 meters long and three tiers high was flat packed, transported, assembled and then expertly installed on site in Beresfield.


Foodline reached another project milestone in quality and safety with 12 months or 26,000 hours MTI and LTI free. This is a testament to the dedicated project team on completing the specialised installation of pipework, tanks and all equipment within budget and on time.

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Asahi Project, Laverton

The TFG team is super excited to have been awarded the main mechanical installation through Process Partners for the Asahi Project in Laverton, Melbourne. We are also proud to be announcing the successful award of the services for the Asahi Project for Beca to the TFG Group.

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Beston Pure Foods

Beston Global Foods Expansion

TFG Group are proud to be the lead mechanical installation company at Beston Global Foods Mozzarella Cheese Plant project in Jervois, South Australia.

This expansion project will increase the factory’s annual production capacity to 14,500 tonnes. The objective of the new state-of-the-art cheese processing facility is to produce cheeses which are import replacing, thereby creating a demand for additional milk from capabilities/dairy farmers in South Australia.

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