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What is your story?

Behind every great brand is a great story…and TFG have been fortunate to work with many individuals and brewing companies whose stories began with a passion for great beer and a commitment to share it with the world.

TFG started our brewing mechanical installation journey at Matilda Bay back in 1995, then onto The Swan Brewery, and in early 2000’s, Little Creatures in Fremantle and Geelong. The culture and vibe installing at these iconic establishments is aligned with TFG’s passion for developing relationships and working with others who truly show care in their organisations and value their people.

TFG has worked with some well respected and recognisable brands in the brewing industry over the past 25 years. We ventured across the Tasman to Boags Brewery in Launceston and back to the mainland to mechanically install Bluetongue Brewery in Newcastle.

TFG has forged strong relationships with Lion and Coopers and completed major upgrades at their respective breweries in the last 15 years. More recently we have been excited to install several breweries in the Craft Brewing industry and have enjoyed the independent journeys of Pirate Life, Balter Brewery and BrewDog.

In October, Justin and Tom were invited and honoured to be speakers at the ASSDA PacRim Stainless Conference on the Gold Coast and presented TFG’s history of mechanically installing breweries within Australia. It was apparently very humourous, informative and of course a little beer was involved!

We are super proud of our collective wealth of knowledge and our expertise in brewery installations and look forward to being part of many more stories and journeys. Sharing both our challenges and triumphs is real and all part of the narrative that weaves our lives and stories together.

We are ever grateful for our TFG team who are based in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane and value all who contribute to our own story and to consistently building things that matter.

Next time you are enjoying a cold beer, imagine all the stories that have been “mashed” together to make it real.

What is your story to share?

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It’s a Pirates Life

Why are Pirates called Pirates?…Because they just ARRRRRRRR!!!!

TFG Group is really excited to be the lead mechanical installation company at Pirate Life’s new Brewery in Port Adelaide. The team are looking forward to kicking off this project in early August.

Check out our Brewing Capabilities @ http://www.tfggroup.com.au/foodline/capabilities/

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Asahi Project, Laverton

The TFG team is super excited to have been awarded the main mechanical installation through Process Partners for the Asahi Project in Laverton, Melbourne. We are also proud to be announcing the successful award of the services for the Asahi Project for Beca to the TFG Group.

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Major Piperacks BrewPack

Austline Fabrications has been awarded the design, fabrication and installation of the major piperacks at the new brewery, BrewPack in Goulburn NSW. Congratulations to the TFG team and BrewPack for building things that matter! Great addition to the Goulburn community.

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Coopers Brewery

Coopers Brewery SA

TFG Group is proud to be associated with Coopers in Adelaide and was awarded the Malt Handling and Reticulation Project by Ahrens which commenced in July 2017.

TFG have been engaged previously by Coopers in 2013-15 to assist with doubling the size of the Regency Park lager cellar, installing a bottling line and two additional fermenters to meet the growing demand of the popularity of Coopers products in the Australian beer market.

We look forward to completing another successful upgrade at the Coopers site.

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DrinkTec, Beer and Germany

Beer is not considered an alcoholic beverage but is considered “food” in the Bavarian State of Germany.

Some of the TFG team were excited to be in Munich to experience DrinkTec 2017. Tom, Justin and Mark sojourned to the other side of the world and were clearly inspired by the magnitude of this event. They have returned to Perth with such an appreciation for the global beverage industry and apparently had very healthy appetites ( for “food” ) while they were in Germany.


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