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    Stainless Steel Tanks
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Foodline Projects has the capabilities and industry experience to fabricate and install a variety of tanks and vessels.

These range from small balance tanks for the food and beverage industry to large pressure vessels for the mining and chemical sectors.

We have manufacturing facilities, well suited to fabricate almost any type or size of tank or vessel. We are qualified to fabricate carbon and stainless steel type constructions and can provide vessels to suit a wide variety of operating conditions and process requirements customised to client specifications.

We are capable of fabricating and installing tanks or vessels complete with structural support work ladders, stairs or platforms, pipework and pumps as well as any other ancillary equipment that is required.

We have successfully fabricated:

  • Acid tanks

  • Chemical tanks

  • Slurry tanks

  • Balance tanks

  • Batch tanks

  • Carbon filter tanks

  • CIP break tanks

  • Hot water tanks

  • Buffer tanks

  • Tank canopy

  • Pressure vessels

  • Jacketed tanks

We have successfully installed:

  • Specialised stainless steel tanks and vessels

  • Fermenters

  • Lauter Tun

  • Mash Tun

  • Bright Beer Vessels

  • Worting Kettles

  • Whirlpool tanks

All tanks and vessels are fabricated and installed in accordance with our ISO 9001 quality assurance accreditation and following qualifications and certifications.